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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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crazy campaign. it's like drinking through a fire hose. that's back here next sunday. an easy morning calm after that police shooting sparked a violent reaction on the streets overnight. as many as 100 protesters were tossing bricks, and even smashed the windshield of a squad car. one officer was injured. hello everyone. >> well, city leaders leading for calm meeting with church and community leaders to chart a peaceful way forward. the mayhem coming after police shot and killed an armed suspect who was reportedly running away from a traffic stop triggering
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violence, looting and destruction in this city. we are live with the latest, matt. >> reporter: good afternoon. this gas station is one of the five buildings that was with destroyed by fire. as you can see it's a total loss. we saw a near by bank and beauty salon. good samaritans have been helping clean up. there have been prayer groups showing up. people coming to speak out and voice their opinion. the county sheriff recently called in the national guard. it is a very tense scene. police say at 3:30 in the afternoon two officer sn. we are not sure why. both men took off running. at one point police shot and killed that suspect. police say that suspect was armed with a stolen automatic weapon. after that shooting the rioting and shooting broke out. people took to social media to urge their neighbors.
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this gas station was set on fire. firefighters couldn't get to the fire because of the gunshots. you said you feared for of you life? >> yes. there were people rung, people falling to the ground, a big riot of looting and everything that was going on here in our city. we realize that this is an ongoing problem for milwaukee and we need to cease this at this time. >> thank you very much. there is a very strong police presence and we are told that show of force will continue into the evening. >> yeah. i mean that resident clearly upset by what's happening there. no one want to see that happening in their neighborhood. what caused this protest to turn violent? >> well, we are being told this gas station in particular was quote a target because the owners of this gas station
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mistreated black people. there have been several incidents this last summer that lead up to the fire last night. there are dozens of people around me right now that are frustrated saying milwaukee has ban powder cake of frustration and anger. people took to the streets to loot and burn buildings. the mayor urging parents to take control of their children. >> if you live your son, if you love your daughter text them, call them, get them by the ears and get them home before more damage is done. >> reporter: no reports of any people being hurt or shot or stabbed or anything like that. we are trying to determine the number of arrests. >> thank you for that update. let's turn to steve rogers, a former member of the fbi.
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steve, we are told the suspect had that automatic weapon. he had a lengthy criminal record. it is a suspect that the result will be riots. >> i could tell you that the police officer this this case was justified in taking the action that he did. there are thousands of people who are applauding the police and protecting themselves from becoming the next victim of an armed gunman. >> we just heard there are concerns over that gas station and one of the alderman said the black people are tired of living under opression. >> this has nothing to do with racism, everything to do with
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the police are paid to do and that's protect and to serve. these police officers didn't wake up that morning and decide they want to shoot somebody. they order this individual to drop his weapon. he did not. i'm sure what was going through his mind was he was going to kill an innocent person. >> so what is the next step? a full an thorough investigation? do you think it will be enough to calm those who are angry about what happened? >> look, the last thing we need is another police department being investigated. very responsible political leaders and there are many. the mayor is one of them they need to share in this particular case this was justified. let me answer this. oppression doesn't come from police. it comes from those who have giving them nothing. what we need do is to work
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togeth together, the police and community and let me add the clergy. they have a great role in this. we all need to move forward as a team to solve the problems we are facing. >> can you justify the concern that black lives matter? you know, they had these concerns about what happened. >> yes, they do. any police officer who does not do his job shouldn't wear the same shield that i wore. the overwhelming majority of them have done a good job. not enough is being said about that. what we need to do is to recognize that some of these groups like black lives matter are not there to help the people in the community. instead of mainstream media advancing that narrative they need to address that political people are working together.
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>> hopefully we'll be quiet as that investigation ensues. steve rogers, thank you for your incite and analysis. >> of course. thank you. now to a fox news alert about the dangers police face every day. a manhunt now underway in georgia for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer in the line of duty. it happened in the city of east eastmond. an officer was shot responding to a call about a suspicious person. a suspect fled the scene and has not been identified. donald trump taking on the new york times calling it dishonest and a failing publication, the latest attack after they described the campaign as sputtering saying the gop cannot seem to get on
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track. mr. trump firing back during a campaign rally in connecticut. we are live with the details, peter. >> donald trump also reintroduced the voting public to the monoka li-- affair. >> remember what he said? he did not have sex with that woman. a couple of weeks later, oh, you got me. i'm so glad they kept the dress. i'm so glad they kept that dress. it's great. you know why? it shows what the hell they are. it shows what they are. >> big targets at the rally last night where the clintons and the media. trump told the crowd he wasn't just running kbeagainst a democ, that he is running against the press whose credentials he
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threatened to withdraw. it came hours after they wrote a story suggesting they are having a hard time keeping the gop on message. trump continued with tweets like this one. if it covered me honestly and didn't put false mete meaning i what i say i would be beating clinton by 20%. mike pence says we should all stay tuned and pointed to a speech tomorrow in ohio. that is something he thinks will help the republican ticket crawl their way back up. >> thanks, peter. we'll be watching. we have seen this all this weekend. dramatic and heart stopping rescues from the flood waters in
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louisiana. emergency crews are working all through last night and continue to do so today. they have saved the lives of some 7,000 people stranded by the deadly flooding. take a look. this woman unable to walk, unable to stand until they are able to pluck her out of the water and also save her downing dog. one person remains missing. historic rainfall that has occurred there, that woman was rescued and is safe. let's begin from the center of this in baton rouge, louisiana. >> reporter: hi. we are in east baton rouge right now. we want to show you what we are seeing out here. neighborhoods surrounded by
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flood waters here. this is a street we are floating downright now. this problem is many of these areas got so much rain so quickly. some getting more than a foot of rain. many residents didn't even have a chance to get out. you mentioned 7,000 people have been rescued by boats like this and by helicopters. you can see there is some residents trying to figure out how to get out. they have been cut off by the streets and any way to get out to safety. there was one rescue caught on camera. a woman and her dog trapped inside of her car as the dog was going down into the water. take a look at what happened. >> we are coming. we are coming. >> we'll break the window. >> we're breaking the window.
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>> get my dog. >> i got the dog. >> the good news right now is the sun is out. is rain stopped you for the time being. the rivers have not crested. the water is continuing to go up here and with that in mind the governor continues to come out. he is pleading for residents in these areas, if you have a chance to get to safety do that. call 911 and let the authorities know. this is still a search and rescue operation. >> and just astounding. look at where you are. hope certainly people can be saved and no more lives will be lost. >> those are pictures you hate
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to see. those people's lives have been profoundly changed. what can we expect in the coming days? >> more rain is in the forecast. it doesn't take a hurricane or tropical storm to dump more than 2 feet of rain. we have tropical moisture and the flooding is not over for the florida panhandle, southeast, texas. look at the estimated precipitation since tuesday. over 30 inches of rain. as we reported most of that rain coming in a matter of hours and people are caught off guard. hearts and prayers. listen to the warnings of the firms. there is the bulls eye there. over 31 inches of rain fuel.
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you remember parts of houston saw rainfall. fontal boundary in place. maybe 6 to 12 more inches through tuesday. so we are dealing with the showers and thunderstorms in the forecast really for the next five to six days. forecast precipitation through wednesday. look at this. maybe 6 to 10 inches from texas stretching into the florida panhandle. this is not a hurricane or tropical storm. it is a stalled frontal boundary where this tropical moisture is riding and where we'll see the potential for heavy rainfall across the gulf coast but the ohio valley, mississippi valley. flood advisories are posted here. these areas are certainly
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satura saturated. back to you. >> very concerning. thank you so much. we'll be in touch with you for more on this forecast. straight ahead, we'll have new information ton the knife attack. authorities identified the suspect as we learn tragic news about one of those victims. and who is behind this? is there concerns of hate crime. and he is doing it again, donald trump taking on the media, accusing it of bias coverage. is it or is he off base? judy miller is on deck. first, here is mr. trump from yesterday's rally in connecticut. >> i love connecticut. i have so many friends in connecticut. we are making a big move for the state of connecticut, just so you know. you can run an errand.
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new n a knife attack on a swiss train. the attacker and a woman have died of their wounds.
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five others were injured in their attack including three others who remain hospitalized with serious injuries. a 27-year-old swiss man did not have a record and was not known to police. they say he set fire to that plane and went on a stabbing rampage. so far they say there are no signs that that suspect had any connections to any terrorist group. donald trump taking on the press saying his real opponent in his presidential campaign is not hillary clinton but the media. this time after the new york times published a critical article about the state of the trump campaign. >> we have a newspaper that's failing badly. it's losing a lot of money. it will be out of business very soon, the new york times, okay?
9:21 am
they have a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad with lack of talent. it's going to hell. i think maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> joining me now is julie miller as well as a fox news contributor. nice to see you. >> nice so see you. let's start there with your thoughts on donald trump threatening to shut out the press. he tried to label other outlets as dishonest when he deems unflattering. >> the words he used were disgusting and dishonest. that is yesterday's attack. we have gotten used to this. i think i know a lot of the flaws of that newspaper.
9:22 am
it is reported by two excellent reporters that basically said donald trump's family tried to intervene to get him to stay on script, to stop shooting himself in the foot, that he had failed, that he is unable to adhere to the message discipline that a presidential campaign demands. you can't report an article like this on the record because people won't trash their own campaign on the record. this is the main point, donald trump's list of enmys is growing by the day. it was the gold star family that had attacked him as, you know, as un-american. they said he attacked him
9:23 am
viciously. the system he says itself of is rigged against him. so that's an enmy. the media has been his even though $2 billion worth of free publicity helped get him to where he is today. i for one am glad to be considered if that means we'll be skeptical of what he says and if we are going to demand that when he says something that's not true he either explain it or say that he is being sarcastic or that we hold him to the standards that one would expect from a presidential candidate which is tell us the truth and if you're not, explain why you're doing what you're doing. >> might there come a time when the trump supporters take a look at this sort of trump against the world theory and say what's going on here? there are these many variables and one constant.
9:24 am
>> exactly. it's never donald trump. it is always everyone else's fault. after a while his fellow republicans, a lot of them have said this is just impossible. he is going to take down the house, the senate. we are going to lose the majority that has enabled republicans to enact part of their agenda or block part of barack obama's agenda. they are very worried and they should be. this is just your rational behavior. he has taken away the huffing ton pos ton post. yes. it would be nice to be up close and personal with the candidate but he says everything he needs to say on twitter and public rallies. cover the campaign that way if he excludes us from his inner circle. >> thank you so much.
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>> thank you. the police say a suspect was armed and had a lengthy police record. will tensions work when the sunsets tonight? plus donald trump getting ready to deliver a major foreign policy address. what will he say about protecting us? john will be here. we'll ask him about trump's very controversial claim. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad.
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underway. about 100 protestors were tossing bricks, looting and torching businesses. police have arrested three people. one officer was also injured in that mayhem. all this after police shot and killed an armed suspect who was reportedly running away from a traffic stop. they have not released the names of the suspect or officer that shot him. we learned that president obama has been briefed and we'll keep you updated about any new details. >> and the nypd stepping up the suspect after a deadly shooting of a mosque leader yesterday as they were leaving afternoon prayers. we are live of queens here in new york city. what do we know now and how it
9:31 am
unfolded? >> reporter: well, when those two muslim men left the mosque, just two minutes from where i'm standing now they walked northbound as they always did and they were gunned down at the corner end of this street, a man, a gunman witnesses say and surveillance caught on this video on that camera right there across the street showed that a gunman gunned them down, shot them in the head and ran southbound down this street. the two victims imam and his friend are now dead. they were walking from the mosque. he was the mosque leader described as a recent immigrant. he had just come here two years ago. police released a sketch of the
9:32 am
suspect dressed in shorts and the investigation continues. they say it is too early to say what the motive is only that it appears the men were targeted. was it a botched robbery? the imam was carrying hundreds of dollars but the money was not taken. or was it a hate crime. >> there is nothing that would indicate they were targeted because of their hate. >> still, the nypd is now involved in the investigation as they search far motive. >> this has to be upsetting to the residents there. have you had a chance to speak with anyone? >> reporter: i have. i have spoken the residents that are shocked. there is a sense of fear and anger here. there were protests, hundreds of people, asking for justice and many of them are convinced this
9:33 am
is clearly a hate crime because they were executed in broad daylight. leaders of the local mosque and some of them even yesterday at a press conference are blaming donald trump and his political rhetoric. >> first of all, these are the kind of things that happen in america when we have presidential candidates like mr. trump that plants the seed of hatred and deception in the heart of the american people. >> please, read my lips. this is a hate crime no matter which way you look at it. it is hate against humanity. it is hate against muslims. >> reporter: out of an abundance of caution they have beefed up security at all mosques. >> it is an absolutely horrible
9:34 am
sto story. no doubt it is absolutely horrible. thank you so much. >> reporter: exactly right. >> thank you. there has been a radical islamic terrorists. the new strategy will be unva unveiled tomorrow. donald trump is expected on security and terrorism in youngstown, ohio. he continued to face a backlash in which he called president obama the founder of isis. trump has softened that claim, claiming he was just being sarcastic. it is at the american intenterpe
9:35 am
and what do you think than is different than what the obama administration is doing now? >> i do now based on what he said in the campaign so far repeatedly that he believes we need an overall strategy to defeat isis, not just responding to one terrorist attack or another. i think among many things that are currently wrong with american policy is we do not have an overall strategy. trump said we need to destroy isis's control over territory that it now holds in syria and iraq. i think it's absolutely critical. as long as they hold that territory they are able to recruit and train terrorists and deploy them around the world. we also need to deal with the terrorists that they had recruited and either trained in
9:36 am
the middle east or trained locally in the united states and around the world and the isis terrorists who escaped from iraq and syria and gone to other places like north africa and the middle east. it is a manifold problem. it does stem from one central fact. it is a reflection of a political idealology. so there's a lot to talk about and certainly in the vacuum that we have seen over the past several years it is an important point to make. >> we have taken special ops and taken back cities in iraq. there was certain lay lly a lot action being taken. >> there were actions being taken but they are ultimately
9:37 am
ineffective. really it reminds one of the approach to terrorism in the late 1990s to what national security adviser called whack a mole. you a terrorist incident here. you wlak the whack the people you think did it. it doesn't embody an opposition and it's in the a strategy because if you whack the mole in one place it goes somewhere else. if you're not placing it globally you're ensuring it will continue to threaten innocent civilians around the world. >> and i was with netanyahu. why haven't we done that and do you think that is coming? >> i don't think there is a good
9:38 am
explanation for that. i think it's a failing of the obama administration policy, the notion that we don't want to cause more people to become terrorists. every day that goes by that isis is allowed to remain in control of a square millimeter gives them more time to plot and carry out terrorists around the world. it is a lack of direction, decision of the way we approached this really has resulted in people being killed and more to be killed in the future. that's the cause of not being effected. >> and it's 25 years ago, the first islamic terrorist attack and through the bombing and everything else sadly continues. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton and her running mate both releasing their tax returns and mike pence
9:39 am
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different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. mr. pence not giving an exact time for his information release but saying he has nothing to hide and adding his returns will be nothing like the democratic nominees. >> what you have is an extremely prosperous family that made tens of millions of dollars related
9:44 am
to and derivety of their time. >> when my tax returns are released it will be a quick read. the pences have not become more wealthy as a result of 16 years in public service. >> joining me is a spokesperson for the trump campaign. nice to have you you here. >> nice to be here. >> and as you well know, presidential candidates have released their tax returns since the 70s. there is no law barring people from releasing their tax returns during an audit. everyone wants to know why won't he answer the tax returns and can you tell us is he hiding something by not releasing his tax returns. >> i think when governor pence releases his tax returns he will
9:45 am
show there is no corp. ruprupti. donald trump said the reason why he won't release wasn't because of a law was because his lawyers advised him not to. i think it's safe to say his tax returns aren't as complicated as one of mr. trump's. this really has become much of a novelty. it really shows how much money you make. >> what has become a innovanove. >> just releasing tax returns. >> it is now a tradition, not a novelty. >> it's a innovanovelty traditi. >> okay. since the 70s and a novelty. the reason why voters love mr. trump is because he is a successful businessman. they think he can do the same,
9:46 am
create jobs, get the economy back on track. why won't he show them? put the proof in the pudding? >> there is a lot of people that have said don't dare show your tax return. don't let the media bully you. >> this is a tradition. why is it -- >> that's what i'm saying. it is. it is a novelty tradition and mr. trump has already said he would do it once the audit is released. there are those that want to see it and those who don't. the reason why this is such a big deal is because long-term career politicians full of corruption like hillary clinton, they do things outside the standard. they develop charities, call them foundations and they do all of their dirty work within bound si ris. mr. trump said he would be happy
9:47 am
to release tax concerns once they are able to do so. >> and you say clintons have something to hide. we are going to keep going. he is a successful businessman that he has been touting to us. that is why. why are you saying it is some sort of campaign that people are out to get him? that is not the case. she runni he is running for the president of the united states of america. show your tax returns. it is that simple. >> it is also not a requirement to release his tax returns. we can go back and forth on that all day. >> are you afraid -- we are tight on time and i know you have a lot to say. really it's about the trump
9:48 am
supporters. they want to see it. isn't it fair for mr. trump to go ahead -- >> i have not -- >> excuse me. everybody wants to see them. >> many trump returns said don't show it because they know the media will be taking it apart, making up headlines as they have been for the last couple of weeks. >> so you're legally bound to provide fact chul information. so there's no way if we see the tax returns anyone can pick them apart unless there's something there that is something to hide, maybe he is not paying the tax rate of his income value. >> you have the luxury of working at fox and not over at cnn. mr. trump said he will release his tax returns once the audit is complete for a number of reasons. >> tell me, if you wouldn't mind, this is something else people are looking forward to.
9:49 am
mr. trump will unveil his foreign policy plan. give us a preview, would you? >> yes. he has been stating throughout this entire campaign we need strong leadership. we need someone that will support the military 100%, someone that is not going to ignore intelligence that could lead to more sdisaster around te globe. it is not only to keep our country safe but to support our military along the way. >> hopefully we'll get specifics on that. we look forward to it. i love to have you back after mr. trump unveils his tax returns. that sounds great. >> any time. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back. ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
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did centcom cook the books in our fight against isis some congress releasing a bombshell report including that higher ups at u.s. central command manipulated intelligence to make the u.s.-led campaign spaer more successful than it really is. the goal, to fool us, the american public. a member of the house select committee on intelligence
9:54 am
joining us. congressman, here is your report. the details run believable. talks about distorting information, suppressing information. basically lying to us. is that what really happened? >> well, what we're seeing and what we hear from the whistleblowers, that their intelligence analysis reports were always being changed to be more optimistic. and many cases it was suppressed or taken out completely. and we want to know why obviously and we quawant to kno why we want to mislead the american people and representatives in congress. we saw times where commanders would say that isis is in a defensive posture, they have lost hair command and control and a week or so later they overtake ramadi. we see conflicting reporting throughout. week or so later the ramadi. we see conflicting reporting throughout. >> and a reason why is to fool us. to think the administration has been more successful in the fight against isis than it really is. >> that is exactly the case.
9:55 am
you've had many whistleblowers come forward down in central command. there was a survey that they said that the reports were being suppressed. but only at central command was it about 040%. so accusations seem to be very real and we're still seeking more information and the department of defense inspector general is also investigating this. >> is there a team here? it's reminisce septembnt of ben. panetta had a meeting saying it was a terrorist attack and then came out with video, video, video, video allegedly to try to spin that away from the truth. do you think this shares that situation? >> it certainly seems like it. you know, i do remember that testimony from general handler. i asked him did the military ever cause this a demonstration that was caused by a video, and he said no, general dempsey and least on panetta were on the way to the white house to inform
9:56 am
that it was a terrorist taeg. i always considered the military to be a sanctuary of integrity. as an iraq war veteran, i looked at our military to be the place for integrity and now we're seeing mr. isthere is a complet breakdown in this process about that. >> i hope you get the answers those questions with this troubling situation. we're up against the clock and i thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> well, that does it for us. we're back in three hours at 34:00 with the latest. >> and we'll be here at 6:00 p.m. eastern, too. a big long day. stay with us. in a world that'o turn you into someone new... hair color wants to help you keep on being you. nice'n easy. natural-looking color... ...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color... it just looks like you. nice'n easy: color as real as you are.
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defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d. >> hours after a milwaukee erupting in flames over a police officer-involved shooting, res are trying to clean up the mess. florida catastrophic flooding in the deep south, emergency crews rescuing thousands stranded in the rising floodwaters as the rain continues. we're live on the water. and donald trump goes after the media after a week of tough headlines and prepares a main speech on how he plans to c s s bat idzslamic terrorism. and hillary clinton plans to campaign in pennsylvania with joe biden.


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